Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)

Director's Message

Quality Enhancement Cell

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at Ibadaat International University is dedicated to ensuring the excellence and continuous improvement of academic programs across all university faculties. QEC consistently upholds the standards set by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. It plays a crucial role in promoting quality in the areas of learning, curriculum development, monitoring, and reporting for academic programs, research initiatives, and administrative functions. QEC actively evaluates the university’s academic programs to ensure compliance with internationally recognized standards, aiming for excellence on an ongoing basis. The primary responsibility of QEC is to identify strengths and areas for improvement through prescribed evaluation processes while also ensuring the implementation of necessary corrective measures.

The QEC team plays a crucial role in integrating contemporary pedagogical methods into the curriculum to ensure that all students can benefit from them, while also maintaining rigorous quality standards for educators. This approach fosters a balanced learning culture between students and faculty. Our academic programs are designed to provide the latest knowledge and equip students with essential skills for the modern world. Additionally, our academic staff seamlessly integrate their teaching experience and personal research into the curriculum, incorporating cutting-edge research findings into the classroom. These tools effectively prepare both our students and faculty with the qualifications necessary for academic and professional advancement, enabling them to contribute to quality-driven industries and society as a whole.

As an emerging institution, our primary focus is on nurturing our human resources. This involves providing high-quality training and capacity-building programs, engaging them in quality enhancement initiatives, and preparing them to ensure quality assurance through self-assessment and transformative efforts.

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